Hello, I'm Erin

I'm a senior majoring in journalism at UNT! I have a passion for writing, story telling, food, music and traveling. 

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Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center cleanup and outdoor expo educates Denton community about the environment

The Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center held events on Jan. 26-27 to educate the Denton community about the environment and how to take care of it.

The center was selected as a 2024 "Spotlight" by Leave No Trace, an environmental organization that promotes conservation.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center held a volunteer clean-up session on Jan. 26. On Jan. 27, it held an outdoor expo.

“I like to call it kind of the hidden treasure of Denton, not as many people know about it,” Carin Zeman, o

35th Annual Denton Holiday Lighting Festival kicks off holiday season, gives back to community

As the sun set, the crowd of hundreds of people gathered around the giant white, red and green dotted Christmas tree, counting down from 10 in unison. As the count ended, the trees surrounding the courthouse on Denton Square lit up in unison with the golden star-topped Christmas tree.

Every year, members of the Denton community and their families gather on The Square for the annual Christmas Lighting Festival. While the lighting ceremony was the main attraction, there were several family-orient

Beaujolais and More event brings food, fundraising together, supports Denton theatre

The aromas of different types of cooked food filled the air of the small indoor venue as people walked around from table to table looking at food samples from local restaurants in Denton. At the entrance in the middle, there was a table selling souvenir wine glasses with “Beaujolais and More” printed across the clear glass.

Once simply a historical landmark, Beaujolais and More has grown into a community event and fundraiser that sells tickets to raise money to benefit the Denton Community Thea

Arab Student Association introduces cultural staples with fashion show

Editor's Note: This article was updated to reflect accurate terminology and locations of certain pieces of clothing and update terms about the Amazigh people and specific origins of garments.

Models strut down a catwalk in vibrant, colorful kaftans and abayas with intricate designs and embroidery. The first model shows off a white modern-day kaftan with detailed gold embroidery that went down the middle of the kaftan’s sleeves.

The Arab Fashion Show put on by the Arab Student Association and A

Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival celebrates diversity, honors deceased

Hundreds of tiny paper butterflies of different colors flew into the air from small handheld cannons after a countdown from 10. Each butterfly was launched into the vast gray sky, representing the soul of a loved one who had passed on. As they fell to the ground, a group of small children rushed to pick up handfuls of the paper butterflies and threw them in the air again with smiles.

The tradition, known as the Flight of Souls, was one of several events held at this year's annual Denton Day of

Rubber Gloves Studio welcomes Plus Fest for 3rd year

Plus Fest had its 3rd annual appearance in Denton at the Rubber Gloves Studio from Oct. 14-15, featuring local, national and international math rock bands and musicians.

The festival was produced by BLVR Booking owner Danny Laake, who wanted to shine a light on math rock bands and musicians in the math rock scene of Denton. Over 30 bands and musicians performed over the course of the two-day festival, alternating between the Choke Artist outside stage and the Jordrews inside stage.

“Why I keep

A little bit about me.

Ever since I was a child, I've always had a strong curiosity about the world around me. I feel like there are so many wonderful and cool things to explore. Different cultures, foods, cities, people, and the list goes on. 

My senior year at the University of North Texas played a pivotal role in me exploring that. In Spring 2023, I took a class called Reporting on the Border which included a spring break field trip to McAllen, Texas and in Fall 2023 I was the senior Arts and Life Writer for my school newspaper. 

Both experiences were life changing and helped me grow as a person. In the Reporting on the Border class, I got to learn about what life is like for locals on the U.S./Mexico border. As the senior arts and life writer at UNT, I delved more into the arts and entertainment scene of Denton, Texas. 

I believe remaining curious about the world around you and having the drive to explore that does the heart good. Every time, I've walked away with experiences and connections I'll never forget. And I hope I continue to do that into my adulthood!